Coaching Notes for Agents

Maintain a running list of notes for each agent to track areas of high performance and improvement

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Throughout the QA process, many customers maintain agent specific notes and update over time to track progress.

In Maestro, this can be done by selecting the notepad icon in the bottom right corner.

maestroqa coaching notes agents

After selecting this button, you have the ability to maintain notes on various levels. 

  1. All Agents

  2. Agent Groups (more info on agent groups here)

  3. Individual Agents

In the top right corner of the pop up, there is a drop down to select the groups or agents for which to leave notes.

agent groups

Below is an example of trailing notes for a sample agent, Tyler.

agent groups

Each note includes a timestamp (highlighted in red) and the name of the person that left the note (highlighted in blue). 

There are also buttons to edit, send (via email), and delete for each note.

Who can see these notes?

These notes will only be available to users set up as Admins, Graders, and Managers. Therefore, agents will not be able to view these notes.

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