For agent access to Maestro - there are 3 relevant tabs in the top left of the screen:

Home: This is your Home dashboard that summarizes performance and links to recent Ticket Reviews.
Tickets: This tab includes all tickets that are associated with you - graded and ungraded.
Ticket Reviews: This tab contains the weekly groups of tickets that have been shared with you.

We will discuss each of these tabs in more detail, including how and when to use them.

Home Tab

(Also known as Coaching tab for Admins, Managers, and Graders)

The home tab is a summary of performance. Each widget has some level of configurability, highlighted in blue. 

The Widgets include:

  1. Bar chart: to show overall performance on relevant rubrics. Sections can also be included by selecting the top right.

  2. Line chart: to show trend of performance. 

  3. Total QA Score

  4. Total CSAT Score

  5. QA Feedback - this includes any comments/feedback on tickets graded in the time window. You can click into the Ticket ID to see the full ticket/score.

  6. Recent Reviews - these are the recent Ticket Reviews that have been shared with you. Each can be selected to open up the review and see the grades for each ticket in the review.

Ticket Reviews Tab

This page includes all of Ticket Reviews that have been shared with you. A Ticket Review is merely a group of tickets. 

A new Ticket Review is typically sent to an agent on a weekly basis, and will be the graded tickets from the prior week. Each Review is selectable to drill into the review and view the tickets. 

The selectors at the top can be used to search for different ticket reviews.

Individual Ticket Review

These can be accessed via three ways:

  1. The "Recent Reviews" section of the Home tab

  2. The Ticket Reviews tab - by selecting one of the Ticket Reviews

  3. By selecting the link sent to you via email on a weekly basis

This is how you will utilize Maestro the most - as you will likely be sent a weekly Ticket Review with last weeks graded tickets, for your review.

On the left, there is the list of graded tickets.
On the right, is the currently selected ticket.

Ticket Review Notes (highlighted in blue) - notes can be left for this entire group of tickets

Ticket Notes (highlighted in green) - notes can be left for the specific ticket that has been selected.

Select "See Scores" (highlighted in red) to see the grade of the currently selected ticket.

This is where you will go through each graded ticket, and review the grade and feedback left by the grader.

Individual Ticket view

The left of the page will show the graded scorecard, with associated comments and feedback.

The Right of the screen is the ticket interaction. The grader may have also highlighted specific text in the ticket interaction - this can be seen when scrolling through the ticket.

Select the "X" in the top right to return to the Ticket Reviews tab.

Tickets Tab

This tab includes the universe of tickets for which you are associated. 

At the top of the page (highlighted in green) are selectors for which tickets you can view.

Below are the 3 most important date selectors:

  1. Created - tickets created in that window

  2. Last Updated - tickets that have been updated in the HelpDesk in the time window

  3. Last Graded - tickets that have been graded in the time window. This is a helpful way to see list of ALL graded tickets.

Search Filters (highlighted in red) - Subject can be selected to show a drop down, for which a handful of filters can be added to search for tickets. Make sure to select "Search" after configuring the filter.

Each ticket is selectable, to open the Ticket view described in the Individual Ticket View section above. 

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