Getting Started

First check to see if you have Coaching Forms enable. This will need to be done by an admin. The admin will:

  1. Navigate to Other Settings
  2. Find Additional Settings
  3. Then flip on "Enable Coaching Forms"

Once that is setup, the new Coaching Forms can be found on the Coaching page. To get started, first select which agent you are about to conduct the coaching session with at the beginning of the Coaching page. 

This will then start populating the Coaching page with the agents performance.

For the Coaching forms themselves, you can filter to view:

  • Date range for when Sessions were Last Updated
  • Completed, Incomplete, or All Action Items

Within the initial dashboard, you can check out old coaching sessions and action items for the specific agent you have selected. The fields [Shared with agent], [Agent Completed], and [Coach complete] will be marked either with a green check mark, if completed, or left blank, if incomplete. 

Note: You can only have one Coaching Form pop-up open. If you attempt to re-open a new one, it will prompt you to leave the previous Coaching Form.

Coaching Forms

Clicking on [New Session] will cause a pop-up window to appear where you can start conducting your 1-on-1 session with your agent. 

The form will allow you to write down:

  • Areas of Strength
  • Areas of Improvement
  • Any additional notes
  • Set Action Items for next Coaching Session

Note: When adding Action Items, don't forget to click "Add Action Item" after each entry! 

At the bottom of the Coaching Form, you will have the option to:

1. Send a notification to the agent that a coaching form is available for viewing.
2. Mark the session as complete.

An example of a Coaching Form can be seen below: 

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