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Team Trends/Overview Report

Quick article on Team Trends/Overview Report

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The two Team charts are a great place to look at how your team has been performing. This chart is focused around Agents. The difference between Team Trends vs. Team Overview is that Team Trends utilizes a line graph while Team Overview utilizes a bar graph. That aside, they both have the same setup. 

This article will do a quick overview of how to best configure the chart for you.

Customizing the Report

Red box:
Configure what results the chart should display. Here, you can create a chart that displays the trend for QA Score and/or CSAT Score.

Blue box:
Specify whose results are shown on the chart. Choose between selecting a combo of agents and agent groups to help discover the most accurate trend line.

Purple box: Check this box if you want to include results from Agents that are no longer available in Maestro.

Green box:
Determine the time frame for the QA and/or CSAT scores.

Orange box:
Finally, you can select whether you would like to filter your results based off of:

  • Specific rubrics 

  • Graders who QAed agents 

  • Ticket Attributes to find specific tickets to report on

Saving Your Report

After you have finalized the filters, you can now to choose to:

1. Save your current configuration to be the Team Trends chart for everyone

save chart

2. Save it as a new personal custom chart for your own reference, or revert the chart to the default settings.

save new chart

4. Revert the chart back to the previous iteration by clicking on the counter clockwise turning clock.

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