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Walkthrough of Setting Up Agent/Group Details

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Agent/Group Details chart allow you to examine closely how your Agents or Agent Groups are performing. In particular, you can configure the chart to help you compare agents/agent groups to each other. 

Both of these charts have similar filter arrangements, with the primary difference being that Group Details is filterable only by Agent Groups [or all agents] while Agent Details is focused on comparing individual agents. 

Setting Up Your Report

set up report

Red Box:
Choose what results the chart is based off of, and you can choose a combo of:

  1. QA Score

  2. CSAT Score

  3. Number of QA. 

Blue Box:
Select who the chart bases results on. 

Group Details focuses on results based on Agent Groups, and Agent Details focuses on results for singular agents.

Purple Box:
Select who you want to compare the selection from [Red Box] to. 

Green Box:
Here you can establish the date range you would like the chart to encompass.

Orange Box:
This is an optional filter, and this allows you to be a bit more granular with the data used on the chart. 

Here you can choose to filter by:

  1.  Rubrics

  2. Graders 

  3. Ticket Attributes. 

Black Box:
This is an optional filter, and this allows you split your results for an easier view of the results. Note: you cannot filter and split using the same options. 

Here you can choose to split by: 

  1. Rubrics

  2. Graders

  3. Ticket Attributes. 

Saving Your Report

After you have finalized the filters, you can now to choose to:

1. Save your current configuration to be the Team Trends chart for everyone

save chart

2. Save it as a new personal custom chart for your own reference or revert the chart to the default settings.

save custom chart

4. Revert the chart back to the previous iteration by clicking on the counter clockwise turning clock.

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