What is a Coaching Form?

A Coaching Form is a template that Team Leads or Coaches can use to draft up notes or pieces of feedback they want to bring into a 1-on-1 session with an agent.

This article will walk through the basics on how to build out a Coaching Session as well as introduce different features available in Coaching Forms along the way.

How do I create a Coaching Forms?

Step 1) Opening the Coaching Form

All non-agent users can create Coaching Forms, and this can be done by navigating to the Coaching page.

Creating Coaching Form

From here, you can click on "New Session" to bring up the Coaching Form.

Step 2) Customizing the Coaching Form

When writing up a Coaching Session, you can now choose from two types of sections to help organize the Coaching Form: Strength or Opportunity.

These two section types contain the same fields to fill out. These fields are broken down like the following:

  • Rubric field: Dropdown menu of rubrics user has access to

  • Criteria field: Requires rubric to be selected, shows dropdown menu of criteria in selected rubric

  • Add Ticket ID: Allows Coach to associate a ticket with the Coaching Form. More than one ticket can be associated with the Coaching Form, and can be viewed in the table named "Associated tickets"

  • Comments: Additional comments that are left for the agent for this specific section

Example Coaching Form Sections

Step 3) Assigning Tasks/Action Items

After filling out the sections, it is now time to create some follow-up action items or tasks that you would want the agent to complete prior to the next Coaching Session.

There is no limit to the number of action items that you can list.

In the future, Lessonly or Guru users will be able to link Lessonly Lessons or Guru cards for agents to complete prior to the next Coaching Session. If you are interested in seeing this functionality released, let us know!

Action Items

Step 3) Sharing and Closing Notes

After completing a Coaching Session, users can then specify:

  • Who conducted/Who Will conduct the Coaching Session

  • How the Coaching Session was conducted

  • When the Coaching Session was conducted

In addition, Coaches can leave more optional general notes at the bottom of the page. Note, the "Agent's session notes" section is actual an area where the agent can leave feedback or additional notes they may have!

After filling out all the fields, make sure to save the Coaching Form before closing out!

Sharing Coaching Forms
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