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Screen Capture Configuration
Screen Capture Configuration
Setting up Screen Capture for your team
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Agent Management

On the agent management page, you can invite agents to begin using Screen Capture and monitor your team as they set up and begin recording.

Invite agents

To invite agents, you can either select the "send invitation" next to individual agents in the table, or you can select multiple agents at once. You can find specific agents by filtering using agent name, agent groups, and their status with Screen Capture.

If you're looking to pilot screen capture with a select group of agents, we recommend setting up an agent group to facilitate sending the invites in bulk.

Monitor usage

After agents are invited, you can monitor their level of usage using the % Recorded column in the table. This metric will be 100% for agents that consistently share their screen to record tickets, and less for agents that miss recordings because they do not share their screen or temporarily pause recordings. You can change the timeframe for this metric using a dropdown above the table, and get a more detailed view in Excel (by agent by day) by downloading the table.


On the configuration page, you can review and change product settings that impact what will be recorded, the level of control agents have, and more.

Recording setup

These settings configure what is recorded and how long it's available to you.

  • Channels: Selecting a channel will enable those tickets to be recorded. Please confirm with your representative that your solution for phone calls and chat is supported by Screen Capture.

  • Recording view: Most commonly, our partners choose to record their team's entire screen and to require agents to share all displays they are using. You can also configure Screen Capture to record less than the agents' full workspace.

  • Recording availability: Configure how long MaestroQA will keep recordings.


Moments help you find coaching and process insights faster by highlighting the interesting parts of agent workflows in your recordings, like putting a call on hold, using internal tools, and tickets flagged by agents.

  • You can create moments by listing out the URLs of different tools your agents use to get their job done. For example, you can begin capturing moments where your team searches google by creating a Moment called "Google Search" using the URL "". Once a Moment is configured, it will become available to you on future recordings.

  • Allowing agents to flag recordings help you crowdsource moments that matter: tickets worth reviewing in coaching sessions, difficult processes to follow or problems to solve, and challenges with internal documentation or tools. Agents can optionally include a comment to explain why they flag a recording. We recommend creating saved searches or automations to track the recordings agents flag. You can use the ticket attribute screen_capture_flagged to do this.

Recording adoption

To drive adoption with your team, you can restrict your team's control over the recording experience. We recommend using this only if needed.

  • Block agent access to Zendesk/Salesforce: Selecting this option will require agents to share their screen, which enables Screen Capture, when loading Zendesk/Salesforce. They will not be able to access Zendesk/Salesforce until they share their screen. When this is not enabled, agents have the option to close Screen Capture and access Zendesk/Salesforce. You can configure this for specific agents.

  • Revoke agent permission to temporarily pause future recordings: In the extension, agents are able to quickly pause Screen Capture recording rather than ending their screen share and beginning it again later. Selecting this option removes this feature.

Recording quality

Higher quality recordings are a better experience in Maestro, but can cause performance issues for agents who are already experiencing slowness due to their device or their internet speed. You can change these settings to resolve any issues your team faces.

  • Default agent recording quality: Configure high, medium, or low quality recordings for your entire team. We recommended beginning with high and lowering if needed.

  • Resolve agent performance issues: If specific agents experience issues, you can select them here to lower their recording quality. Agents can also opt themselves into this setting via their extension.


Here, you can configure what will not be recorded to meet your organization's security, legal, and privacy requirements.

  • Blocked sites: URLs included here will not be recorded. When an agent visits these pages, the website will be redacted from the recording.

  • Video redaction: Videos with the tags you select here will be automatically deleted. They will not be available in MaestroQA.

Disable Screen Capture

If for any reason you need to revoke access to Screen Capture for your entire team, you can disable the extension. When disabled, no tickets will be recorded.

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