Search for tickets with Screen Capture

On the tickets page, you can search for tickets that have a recording using the ticket attribute screen_capture.

In addition to whether or not the ticket has a recording, Screen Capture can also be configured to create these ticket attributes:

  • Agent Flagging: If you enable agents to flag recordings, you will be able to search for flagged recordings using screen_capture_flagged.

  • Moments: You will be able to search for each moment you configure to identify recordings that include the moment. These ticket attributes will begin with moments_, followed by the moment name you defined when setting it up.

Grade tickets with Screen Capture

When a ticket has a recording, it will show up next to your rubric alongside the ticket details. If the ticket has more than one interaction that was recorded, you will see multiple recordings.

You can adjust the playback speed for the recording, and also add annotations to capture your notes on process and coaching insights.

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