MaestroQA’s new coaching experience closes the feedback loop with agents faster by arming you, your team leads and your agents with real-time visibility into an Agent’s Performance - whether that's from QA insights or directly from CSAT results.

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Why is it Important to Build a Strong Coaching Program?

Who coaches your agents? Can you describe the tools you use for coaching? How do you analyze poor CSAT? Who's responsible for analyzing that?

How do support teams set a standard for coaching agents effectively and consistently?

Human coaching conversations in a remote and digital world can be harder to track and standardize across an entire support organization. It makes it even more complex when each team lead or coach has their own solution for delivering feedback for QA, CSAT, Productivity, and any other metrics used to gauge agent performance. This inconsistency can lead to:

  • Agent teams getting varied levels of comprehensive feedback

  • Agents receiving different cadences of valuable 1 on 1 time with coaches

  • Misalignment across Team Leads around what points to emphasize during coaching conversations

  • Lack of visibility for leadership to determine actionable steps to improve internal communication and agent performance

Grading tickets to uncover insights is a great first step, and sending graded tickets directly to agents is even better. But to ensure agents are truly internalizing the feedback and feel confident in providing the best CX for their customers, investing time in a structured coaching solution can be very impactful for the entire support organization. It establishes an element of accountability at the Team Lead level so that the entire team understands the importance of having authentic internal conversations.

With MaestroQA's new Coaching experience, Team Leads now have a centralized platform to build a dedicated and structured coaching program, which can save Team Leads time and ultimately help agents course correct faster to improve your overall customer experience.

Core Features - The MaestroQA Coaching Experience

coaching points and to dos

Users can now go beyond QA insights and coach to specific support or business KPI’s like CSAT. Here are some of the key features of the new coaching workflow:

The QA and CSAT Feedback Table

Easily review graded QA scores and tickets with CSAT feedback all in one place.

Revamped Coaching Sessions

Enrich your 1 on 1 Coaching session with more detail, metrics, and overall insights.

"Add to Coaching" Functionality

Identify coaching opportunities at the ticket and/or criteria level for graded tickets and tickets with CSAT on the Coaching page and add them directly to a Coaching Session for further review.

Coaching Points for Coaching Sessions

Highlight specific Coaching Points to emphasize in your Coaching Sessions. Tie each point to QA, CSAT, Productivity, or any other KPI's that matter to your support organization.

Customize KPI's to emphasize in Coaching Sessions

Create your own key metrics for your coaches to focus on to drive consistency and alignment

Create Coaching Templates

Control who has access to certain conversations with Agents with Coaching Templates. Provision access to determine who can see a typical coaching session for an Agent or something more confidential like a disciplinary action.

To Do's

List action items for the agent to complete before the next 1 on 1 session

Coaching Reporting

Drive accountability at the Team Lead level by monitoring how many Coaching Sessions are taking place and how many are completed by the coaches and agents.

Give the new experience a try! Refer to the resources below to learn how to enable MaestroQA's new Coaching experience.

Additional Resources

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