We recognize that some of our clients already have a well-defined coaching process that their Team Leads adhere to, while other clients are just getting introduced to the concept. Because of this, we decided to offer different options for clients to try the functionality for themselves and roll it out to their respective teams how they see fit.

If you'd like a second opinion on how to introduce this functionality to your team, reach out to your CSM and he/she/they would be more than happy to partner with you! Watch the instructional video to learn more, or read through the directions below it to try the new Coaching experience today!

Enabling the new Coaching Experience

Step 1: Who has access to the new Coaching page?

As long as Enable Agent Coaching is toggled on in Settings > Other Settings > Additional Feature Settings, then all non-agent users should have access to the Coaching page.

Only Admins can enable the new Coaching experience for the rest of the team by selecting one of the two options below in Other Settings.

From there, the user must have access to the Agent they want to see data for in Maestro. If you are a Grader/Manager and cannot see the Coaching page for an Agent, contact your Maestro Admin to confirm if you have access to the Agent in question.

If an Agent has their own Maestro account and the functionality has been enabled by the Admin, he/she/they should have access to the Coaching page (which happens to be the Home page for an Agent).

Step 2: Enabling the New Coaching Experience

Admins can decide how they'd like to roll out the new coaching functionality for their teams. Go to Settings > Other Settings and Scroll down to Additional Feature Settings. Here you'll see two options towards the bottom of the section:

  1. Enable Agent Performance Features

  2. Allow users to opt-in to the new Agent Performance experience on the Coaching Page

The first option automatically turns on the new experience for all of your users, replacing the old Coaching experience.

  • We recommend this option for new users or any clients who have yet to implement a structured coaching strategy in Maestro

The second option allows users to toggle back and forth between the old Coaching experience and the new Coaching experience. If the opt-in option is selected, each individual user can decide whether to use the old or new Coaching experience without impacting other users.

  • We recommend this option for teams already heavily involved in coaching. Team Leads/Agents may be accustomed to the old workflow, so this gives each team member a chance to gradually transition over to the new format, and see the differences between the old and new Coaching experiences.

  • Admins - once you feel your team has had a chance to test the functionality and coaching expectations have been set, you can fully transition everyone at once by fully enabling the new experience for everyone with the first option.

*Note: Regardless of the Coaching experience selected, all Coaching Sessions created will be available to the user to access. Users who toggle between the old to the new version will still have access to every Coaching Session created. In the future, all Coaching Sessions will migrate to the new format."

coaching product update

old experience

Coaching Settings: Customize Your Key Performance Indices (KPI's)

MaestroQA's new Coaching experience now enables leads to coach on more than just QA insights. In the new Coaching Session form, coaches will have a preconfigured dropdown of KPI's to choose from. Admins can control which metrics Team Leads focus on by scrolling down to Coaching Settings, located below Additional Feature Settings.

coaching settings

We've included some of the more frequently referenced metrics for customer support teams, like Average Handle Time, First Contact Resolution, and Solves per Hour.

Now, coaches can reference metrics related to QA, CSAT, Productivity, etc.

If admins have other metrics they'd like their Team Leads to focus on during 1 on 1 sessions with Agents, they can create their own metrics to be added to the dropdown list of KPI's.

coaching kpis settings

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