Now that you've turned on the new Coaching experience for your coaches and admins, what does the experience for an Agent look like?

Establishing a routine workflow for your Agents in Maestro is just as important as implementing a coaching structure for your Team Leads. It takes two invested team members to have authentic 1 on 1 coaching conversations. With the new Coaching experience in Maestro, both the Team Leads and the Agents should be well-informed of where the performance gaps are and align on actionable steps to improve CX.

Agent Access in Maestro

After logging into Maestro, Agents have three tabs available to them:

  • Home

  • Tickets (Limited Agents do not have access to this tab)

  • Ticket Reviews

Home tab: This is where Agents can view the new Coaching experience.

coaching agent access

Home tab - An Agent's Experience for Coaching

Now that an Agent understands how to use the Tickets tab to peruse through tickets and access their Ticket Reviews to acknowledge they've seen the feedback, the next step is for the Agent to see all of their insights in aggregate. That is where the Home tab comes into play.

The Home page for an Agent mirrors the Coaching tab for all other users. It is the place where Agents can review all of their scores in graphs, prep for their 1 one 1's, and much more.

The top of their screen serves as a navigation pane for Agents to quickly direct themselves to any section of their dashboard.

overview feedback

The Overview Section

Agents can view 4 different charts:

  • QA Overview

  • QA Trends

  • QA Score

  • CSAT Score

QA Overview: A snapshot of an Agent's overall QA scores for a selected time period. Can view their QA averages at the Rubric, Section, and Criteria levels and compare their scores to other teams. (Admins can control which Agent Groups an Agent can compare their scores to by going to Settings > User Roles > Role Permissions.)

QA Trends: Agents can view QA trends, or how his/her/their QA scores are fluctuating over time. They can view this data at the Rubric and Section level for QA scores with this report, and compare their scores to the Agent Groups an Admin gives them access to.

QA Score: An Agent's overall numerical QA score based on the time period and Rubric/Rubric Section selected in the dropdown of the widget.

CSAT Score: An Agent's overall CSAT Score for the time period selected in the widget. (Admins can control how CSAT scores are calculated by going to Settings > Other Settings > CSAT Association)

Workflow Recommendation for Agents:

Admins - If you'd like to configure these 4 charts in a way that is the same by default for all of your users as soon as they log into Maestro (for example, all users should see the Agent's QA scores at the Rubric Section level along with a comparison to the "All Agents" Agent Group), simply:

  • Go to any Agent's Coaching tab

  • Modify the charts to fit the desired view

  • Select Configure Charts on the right side of your screen (above the QA Score widget)

  • Press Save Teamwide Default Charts

overview data

Coaching Sessions

Here is where an Agent can view any Coaching Sessions that have been shared with them. If a coach has not shared a Coaching Session with the agent, the agent will not see it. (Coaches can share a Coaching Session by selecting the option to share with an Agent while creating the Coaching Session itself)

coach sessions

An agent can filter Coaching Sessions by the date they were created, or the Session Date, which is set by the coach for the session to take place. The Agent can also see which Coaching Sessions he/she/they've already marked as Complete, and which sessions have been marked as Complete by the Coach.

Clicking into the session shows all of the key information the coach wants to discuss with the Agent.

coaching session info

The only two sections an Agent can modify are Coaching Points and Finalize Session.

coaching points

Coaching Points are one of the new additions to Coaching Sessions. A coach can highlight specific KPIs to discuss during the 1 on 1. Those KPIs can be related to either QA, CSAT, Productivity, or a Miscellaneous category. Tickets can also be added as specific Coaching Points.

biweekly coaching session

When an Agent clicks into a Coaching Point, text fields will be there for a coach and the Agent to leave any comments they'd like to share. Note how the CSAT ticket selected appears on the right side, and the CSAT rating/comment appears on the left side of the prompt. This way, an Agent and Coach have everything they need to discuss the Coaching Point in detail.

finalize session

From here, an Agent can view the actionable next steps listed by the coach in To Do's, and leave any overall thoughts about the session in the text field under Finalize Session.

To Do's

This section lists all of the action items for every Coaching Session shared with the Agent. Once the task is completed, an Agent (or coach) can check off the action item and it will move from the Incomplete tab to the Complete tab.

to dos

As you can see in the example above, Agents can access any Guru cards or Lessonly tutorials that have been assigned by Graders for them to complete. All Guru/Lessonly material assigned during the QA process will appear in the To Do section.

Feedback (QA and CSAT)

Now, Agents have a one-stop-shop to review their QA feedback and CSAT feedback from customers. Recently graded QA scores and all recent CSAT feedback can be viewed at the Ticket level. As Admins may notice, this is identical to the coach's experience with the Feedback table, except that agents do not have the option to Add [tickets or criteria] to Coaching or create New Sessions.

csat qa feedback

Agents can click into a ticket and review all of the scores and feedback shared by the Grader at the criteria level. On the right side of the screen, the ticket appears as a reference point so he/she/they can read through the ticket, listen to the phone audio, and/or watch a screen recording of their customer interaction while scrolling through the feedback.

ticket details

By default, only graded criteria with comments or checkboxes selected during the grading process will appear when scrolling through ticket feedback. But the Agent has the option to view all criteria scores within a ticket by de-selecting Hide criteria without comments or drivers - as you can see above.

The CSAT tab works similarly to the QA tab. Agents have access to all of their CSAT tickets.

  • Filter for CSAT tickets that include (or don't include) comments left by customers

  • Filter for tickets with good CSAT or bad CSAT (DSAT) ratings


With the update released in November 2021, agents can now also keep track of the feedback they've reviewed at the ticket level directly in the Feedback Table. All users now have access to this functionality. Click here to learn more.

Agent Engagement Ticket Level

Empower your Agents to take more ownership of their professional development! Maestro provides an environment for Agents to

  • Review QA scores/insights and be acknowledged for consistently prioritizing their feedback

  • Discuss CSAT/CES wins and opportunities

  • Document their thoughts in Coaching sessions to help drive more productive and engaging conversations with Team Leads

  • Track action items to be more intentional about what to work on next to improve

  • Be more aware of the feedback they need to review at the ticket level to drive engagement

Let us know how your Agents are using Maestro, and what we can do to ensure your support team is getting value out of the Maestro Coaching experience!

Additional Info for the Full Agent Experience in Maestro

Tickets Tab

Here an Agent has access to all of their graded and non-graded tickets (and no one else's). Similar to non-agent users, Agents can use filters at the top of the screen to sort through their own tickets that are pulled from their helpdesk(s).

tickets tab

As the note at the top-right of the screen states, graded tickets are available to the Agent forever, while non-graded tickets are removed from the system at the date limit set by your Admin in Settings > Other Settings (typically users set the limit to 30 days after a ticket was most recently updated).

view tickets

Limited Agents do not have access to the Tickets tab because they only have access to graded tickets that are actively shared with them by a non-agent user. Because of this, Limited Agents have no need to search for their scores on the Tickets tab since all shared feedback can be accessed in either the Ticket Reviews tab or the Home/Coaching tab.

Ticket Reviews Tab

Here is where all of an Agent's Ticket Reviews are located. When an Admin sends feedback to Agents via Automation, the graded tickets are delivered as Ticket Reviews, or folders of graded tickets. These "folders of tickets" can be accessed by the Agent at any time.

ticket reviews

Workflow Recommendation for Agents

To track Agent Engagement with their QA Feedback at scale, it would be best to have Agents go to this page first when they log in to find their new feedback. A new report in Maestro allows Admins and Limited Admins to track open rates for all Agents, or the percentage of Ticket Reviews an Agent actually opens to review the tickets within them. This way, an Admin can see which Agents are regularly opening Ticket Reviews to see their feedback on a regular basis, and which Agents are not.


The above shows what a Ticket Review looks like for an Agent. The list of tickets within the Ticket Review is to the left, while the currently selected ticket appears to the right of the screen. Once an Agent reviews all of the tickets, he/she/they can mark their Ticket Review as Complete by changing the Status of the Ticket Review at the top-right of the screen

Click here to learn more about the Agent Engagement Report.

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