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This article will breakdown the Average Grading Time Report and help answer the following questions:

  1. What information does the Average Grading Time Report show?

  2. What can I filter the report on?

  3. Who has access to the report?

  4. How are the metrics calculated?

Understanding the Average Grading Time Report

The Average Grading Time Report can be found on the Reporting page underneath the Grading Performance section.

Within this Report is is possible to filter your results through the following fields:

  1. User Groups: Specify what set of graders you wish to see grading times for (We do not all users to click on “All Users” given “All Users” contains many irrelevant users)

  2. Rubrics: Limit grading time calculations based off of specific rubrics

  3. Date: Specify a date range for when tickets are graded

In the Average Grading Time Report, information can only be shown in a Table format. This table is split into 5 columns:

  1. User: Shows individual graders based off of User Groups selected.

  2. Average Grader Time: Calculates the average/mean time a grader takes to create one Agent QA score

  3. Median Grader Time: Calculates the median time a grader takes to create one Agent QA score

  4. Total Tickets: What are the total number of Agent QA created

  5. Total QA Time: Calculates total time spent creating Agent QA scores

Who has access to the Average Grading Time Report?

Only MaestroQA Admins and Limited Admins can access the Average Grading Time Report.

How are individual Agent QA grading times calculated?

Timer starts when a grader clicks on “Add Score” and selects a rubric on a ticket. The timer continues to run until the Grader clicks on either “Save Draft” or “Create Scores”.

In the case where a grader clicks on “Save Draft”, the timer is paused until the grader comes back to grade the ticket again. The timer then starts up again.

When the grade is created by clicking on “Create Scores”, we then stop the timer and add up all the segments.




Grader clicks on “Add Score”

11:00 AM

Grader clicks on “Save Draft”

11:10 AM

Grader clicks on “Add Score”

1:00 PM

Grader clicks on “Create Scores”


For the above ticket, the grading time to grade one ticket is:

(11:10AM - 11:00AM) + (1:05PM - 1:00PM) = 15 minutes to grade on ticket

Note: If users take breaks or engage in other activities while grading a ticket and do not save a draft, this will be included in the average grading time for that ticket. Please be aware of this and save your progress to ensure an accurate reflection of this metric.

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