New Update - November 2021

To provide additional insight into agent engagement with their QA feedback, we recently released a report that allows users to track when agents are opening their Ticket Reviews. Now, there is a way to see whether or not an agent is reviewing their feedback at the ticket level.

Agent Engagement Ticket Level

Why Was This Released?

We received a ton of great feedback from various customers. Solidifying the feedback loop is an integral step to maximizing the effectiveness of your QA program. Grading hundreds of tickets won't improve your team's overall agent performance if there's little visibility into whether agents are reviewing their feedback - and doing so on a consistent basis.

With this update, Admins and Coaches can now see which tickets an Agent is opening to review, and which tickets have never been opened. Agents will also have a similar view when going to the Coaching tab, so they can easily see which tickets they've looked over and which tickets they still need to review.

How to Enable Ticket-Level Engagement Tracking

By default, this is available to all users on the Coaching tab.

Navigating Ticket-Level Agent Engagement

Once enabled, all users have access to an Agent's engagement information as long as they have access to the Agent (if you do not have access to a particular Agent, please reach out to your Admin).

Each row in the Feedback table represents a different graded ticket. Until an Agent opens their feedback, all of those tickets will reflect this inactivity.

Ticket Level Agent Engagement Tracking

Once an Agent goes to the Feedback table and opens a ticket to view the feedback, the Reviewed Status will update to Opened.

Open rates at the ticket level will only track when agents open tickets from the Feedback table.

Next Steps

At the moment, ticket-level engagement only tracks agent engagement with tickets in the Feedback Table of the Coaching Tab. Engagement is not tracked in other areas of the app at this time.

The current Agent Engagement report located on the Reporting tab is still available and will still track open rates at the Ticket Review level.

This is the first step towards building a better report to track agent engagement at scale. There is no set timeline for the next version, but we will continue to listen to your feedback to ensure we are building functionality that meets your needs.

Reach out to your teams to educate them on this new update! This is a great way to drive accountability, transparency, and consistency at a more granular level. Let us know about your experience with it and share any feedback you have!

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