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Learn how to use Loom to add value to your asynchronous Coaching Sessions
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✍ Note: Admins must enable the Loom integration in “Other Settings” for Coaches to start using this feature

Loom is a video recording tool that allows users to record their camera and desktop simultaneously. With our Loom integration:

  • Coaches can take screen and video recordings of themselves going through an Agent’s Coaching Session to give more context to their feedback

  • Teams can have more valuable asynchronous coaching sessions and increase the level of communication

  • Loom videos will appear directly in an Agent’s Coaching Session, making it easier for team leads to coach holistically within Maestro

How to Add Looms to Coaching Sessions

  1. Within a Coaching Session, click “New Recording” under the Session Overview header.

  2. Select the tab you want to record, and click “Start recording”.

  3. Once you have started recording you can click through and discuss the session overview and review the points you want to cover with your agent

  4. When you’re finished, click the stop icon, and your Loom will populate in the Coaching Session. You can not add this Loom to other sessions besides the one you recorded it in

❗ You do not need the Loom extension installed to do this, but without an account you will have a 5 minute limit, and Loom will prompt you to create an account after you create 5 videos. Account usage is then subject to Loom's pricing tiers. Any videos you create before making an account will not be added to your account.

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

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