Preset Coaching Templates
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Preset Coaching Templates allow Coaches to quickly kickstart coaching programs with 'Out of the Box' templates they can use structure their sessions. With these new templates, coaches can:

  • Use the 1:1 Coaching Session to discuss an Agent’s performance holistically and align on targeted goals for growth

  • Use the Performance Review to discuss performance and growth from the past month, quarter, or year, and development plans for the future

  • Use the Welcome to Coaching template to onboard Agents to Coaching, and level-set expectations for future performance

How to Use Preset Templates

  1. In the Coaching Tab, click "New Session"

  2. Under 'Template', select one of the Maestro templates with the 'M'

  3. Create a new session using our Template and fill out according to your agent

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

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