The Maestro native Salesforce experience allows Agents and Coaches to review and report on QA feedback directly in Salesforce. With this,

  • Admins can quickly set Coaches and Agents up with Maestro’s ‘Out of the Box’ widgets for valuable insights into an Agent’s QA performance

  • Agent QA feedback is accessible directly within Salesforce from a Maestro feedback table

  • Users can click into individual cases to review feedback in a side by side view with the case

🎥 Take a video tour of the Maestro Salesforce Experience:

How to Enable the Maestro Salesforce Experience

Step One: Obtain the Maestro API key

  1. Log into Maestro, and navigate to ‘Other Settings’ in the side navigation. Scroll down to the ‘API Tokens’ header

  2. Select ‘Create New Token’ and add a new token name. You can choose either ‘Expires’ or ‘Does not Expire’, and click ‘Create API token’

🎥 Watch: How to Obtain the Maestro API Key

Step 2: Enable Maestro in Salesforce

  1. Log into Salesforce, and click the settings gears on the top right corner of your screen. Select ‘Service Setup’, and search for ‘Named Credentials’. Label and Name the Credential per your choosing; we suggest ‘MaestroQA_App’ for both

  2. For URL, enter You can leave ‘Certificate’ blank. For identity type, select ‘Named Principal’, and for Authentification Protocol Select ‘Password Authentication’

  3. Add a username of your choosing, and then for the password, enter the Maestro API you generated earlier. Under ‘Callout Options’ select ‘Merge Fields’ in HTTP header, and leave the rest empty

🎥 Watch: Enable Maestro in Salesforce

If you’re interested in learning more, chat into support or reach out to your Customer Success Manager

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