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Take analytics on your appeals workflow to the next level through improved appeals reporting!

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Through the Appeals workflow, you can encourage discussion and improve coaching around the answers and critique your agents receive. Now, go beyond the basic reporting you’ve been able to do around this workflow through the new APPEALS DASHBOARD.

On this dashboard, you can find out everything you might want to know about your appeals workflow, and see it all in one convenient view.


To use this dashboard, go to Reporting > Reports > Dashboards.

Currently, the dashboard is accessible by those with the role of admin.

Please note that any changes made to a user's role or access can take up to 1-3 hours to sync through our reporting system and for them to see the updated information on this dashboard.


Let’s walk through each report in this dashboard.

Through these reports, get your appeal status breakdown (pending, approved, denied). You can also see how those statuses are changing over time. Use the filters (or the blue bar below the line chart) to adjust the time frame you’d like to look at.

TIP: Click on the icons in the line’s chart key (top right) to decide which lines you want to see.

This is the main appeals summary table where you can look at data like who is submitting appeals, to which graders, which ones resulted in approvals vs denials and even directly see the appeal through the “appeal link” column.

Use the kebab menu on the top right of the table to export this entire table.
BONUS: In the export, you’ll be able to see the comments left on the appeal (these comments are not displayed in the table, but are visible in the export).

In this next section of reports, get a breakdown of which graders are getting appealed the most or which agents are appealing the most. Additionally, see how many appeals ended up being valid/invalid by looking at the Denied/Approved ratio.

TIP: You can sort by any column for these reports, as well as any other reports in this dashboard.

And finally, see which questions result in the most valid vs invalid appeals to know which questions may need greater grader alignment or clearer expectation setting with your agents.


This dashboard is available under Reporting > Reports > Dashboards. Check it out now and let us know what you think!

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