Commandbar allows Maestro users to quickly move through the application and access help resources. Use Commandbar to:

  • Search for questions you might have in Maestro or quickly refresh on a particular feature

  • Quickly navigate through different pages in Maestro using shortcut keys

Note: Commandbar is only enabled for a pilot group of users. If you’re interested in joining, reach out to your Customer Success Manager!

How to Use Commandbar

  1. Click into the search bar in the top navigation or, use Control+K

  2. To search for a help article, start typing in keywords. The results to filter down, and when you find a help article that you think would be helpful, click enter

  3. In the bottom half of the Commandbar module, look through navigation shortcuts that you can use to navigate throughout Maestro. To use one, type in the according letters and press enter

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

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