We are excited to introduce our new and improved Call Transcription Beta.

We’ve heard from a few initial customers that it has dramatically improved their grading of phone call tickets.


​So what’s new:

  1. The transcription scrolls with you as you play the audio within the ticket.

  2. See who the speaker is when you hover over the timeline.

  3. Jump to the right spot in the call to grade as soon as possible.

  4. Select the text that’s most important to annotate the ticket, and it will show in your grading rubric.

  5. See the highlighted smart attributes within the transcript to be able to orient yourself about what the call was about.

  6. Change the playback speed from 0.75x, to help you capture some of the exact details, or up to 2x speed if you can understand chipmunk 🐿 !

  7. ... and more to come!

Any phone call ticket assigned to be graded, after June 1st, will be transcribed.

This will roll-out June 1 and expire August 31.

This will be free during the beta, so please try it out and let us know how it helps.

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