What are peer reviews?

Increase agent engagement with MaestroQA by setting up a Peer Review workflow. Within a Peer Review workflow, agents can be setup to grade each other's tickets to help increase engagement with the QA process. 

Note: Before deciding to start doing Peer Reviews, please either reach out to your CSM or chat in.

How do I setup Peer Reviews?

  1. Log into MaestroQA's dashboard and click the Gear Icon in the top right

  2. Then click User Roles and invite each Agent as a Manager and give them access to All Agents (If you want to give Agents access to grade a certain group, click Agent Groups in User Roles and give the Agent access to just that Group).

peer reviews agent group

3. On the same page, click Role Permissions and update Edit Grades to "Yes" and View Grades to "Own Only"

role permissions

Own Only enables each Agent to view only the scores they receive from their peers and the scores they give out.

4. Agents can now grade each other

Here's a way to streamline this process:

Assign tickets to each peer to Peer Review via Automations.

  • In this part of the instructions, each Agent will show up under Select Graders.

  • Make sure you choose the option "Randomly assign tickets to graders" or "Randomly assign tickets to graders, so each agent only has one grader"

Each agent will show up on the left hand side. Check off the agents you want to be included in grading.

On the right side, check off the agents you want to be graded.

grading selections

Update the number of tickets per agent that should be sent.

This will let you send out Peer Review Assignments automatically.

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