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What can I track in the Activity Log?
What can I track in the Activity Log?

Track activity on MaestroQA through the Activity Log

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What is the Activity Log?

Activity logs are a great place to track almost every user interaction within MaestroQA. It is a great place to be able to check on who might have changed the grade on a ticket or see when an automation exactly ran. 

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What can I track in the Activity Log?

By default each entry will always be tracked by IP address. Below we will go through a bit more in detail on what each option helps track. 

Through the activity log tracks changes for:

  • Agents:
    - Adding new agents
    - Updating agent availability
    - Deleting agents

  • Agent Groups:
    - Adding/Creating new agent groups
    - Updating what users are in the agent group
    - Deleting the agent group

  • Users:
    - Adding new users (usually referring to Managers, Graders, Admins)
    - Updating a user's "User Role"
    - Deleting a user from Maestro 

  • Tickets:
    - Adding tickets (manual tickets)
    - Updating tickets
    - Deleting Tickets

  • Files (Audio):
    - Adding file to a ticket
    - Deleting files from tickets
    - When a file is played
    - When a file is downloaded 

  • Scores:
    - Adding scores to a ticket
    - Updating a score
    - Deleting a score
    - Emailing a score
    - Printing a score
    - When a user starts grading a ticket

  • Appeals:
    - Adding an appeal score
    - Updating the appeal status
    - Deleting an appeal

  • Log In:
    -  Track when user log in and log out

  • Rubric:
    - Adding a new rubric
    - Updating a rubric (ex. updating rubric contents, toggling availability of a rubric, and changing access to a rubric)
    - Deleting a rubric

  • Automation:
    - Creation date of new automation
    - Updating functionality of automation
    - Deleting an automation
    - Automation run time

  • Reporting (Reporting page):
    - Adding a new custom report
    - Updating a report
    - Exporting a report

  • Display Settings:
    - Any changes regarding updating view access. This can be related to a various range of items from disabling Agent Note view to updating the agent cap. Primarily admin actions can be tracked here

  • Maestro API Tokens (feature available in "Other Settings"):
    - Adding a Maestro API Token
    - Removing Maestro API Token

  • Ticket Review:
    - Adding a ticket to a Ticket Review
    - Removing a ticket from a Ticket Review
    - Check updates in a Ticket Review 

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