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Getting Started

Integrate your helpdesk (ex. Zendesk), Create a Rubric, Import Custom Fields, and Invite teammates

User Role-Specific Articles

Find articles catered to your role here

Integrations in MaestroQA

Learn about how Rubrics work in MaestroQA

Setting up an AgentQA Workflow

Grading tickets in MaestroQA

Managing Users in MaestroQA

Understanding how to manage users in MaestroQA

Coaching Agents in MaestroQA

Using Coaching Forms and tracking Coaching Sessions

Sharing Feedback

How managers can share feedback and track conversations

Sharing Automations

Learn about how Sharing Automations work in MaestroQA

Calibrations and Grader QA

Drive Grader Accountability in Your QA Program


Setting up and using the Appeals Workflow in Maestro

Reporting & Exporting in MaestroQA

Create various team, individual, and group QA reports and exports

MaestroQA Screen Capture

Setting up, using, and optimizing Screen Capture

Tips and Tricks
Troubleshooting and FAQs
API Documentation

Documentation for the MaestroQA API

Managing Assignments in MaestroQA
Release Notes 🎉

Product updates on the latest releases, and a look ahead at what's upcoming.