Release Notes 🎉

Product updates on the latest releases, and a look ahead at what's upcoming.

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User Role-Specific Articles

Find articles catered to your role here

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Getting Started

Integrate your helpdesk (ex. Zendesk), Create a Rubric, Import Custom Fields, and Invite teammates

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Integrations in MaestroQA

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Learn about how Rubrics work in MaestroQA

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Setting up an AgentQA Workflow

Grading tickets in MaestroQA

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Managing Users in MaestroQA

Understanding how to manage users in MaestroQA

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Coaching Agents in MaestroQA

Using Coaching Forms and tracking Coaching Sessions

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Sharing Feedback

How managers can share feedback and track conversations

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Sharing Automations

Learn about how Sharing Automations work in MaestroQA

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Calibrations and Grader QA

Drive Grader Accountability in Your QA Program

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Setting up and using the Appeals Workflow in Maestro

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Reporting & Exporting in MaestroQA

Create various team, individual, and group QA reports and exports

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MaestroQA Screen Capture

Setting up, using, and optimizing Screen Capture

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Tips and Tricks

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Troubleshooting and FAQs

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API Documentation

Documentation for the MaestroQA API

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Managing Assignments in MaestroQA

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