What is a User Account?

In order to gain access to MaestroQA, users need to have a User Account.

This article will answer the questions:

  1. Who can manage User Accounts?

  2. Where you can find User Accounts?

  3. How is a User Account set up?

Instructions for inviting users to Maestro can be see by clicking the button below!

User Accounts 101

Who can manage and invite users to Maestro?

Only MaestroQA Admins can manage and invite users to MaestroQA.

Where can you find the User Accounts page?

As a MaestroQA Admin, you can find the User Accounts page by:

  1. Clicking On Settings

  2. Clicking on User Roles

  3. Click on the User Accounts tab

How is a User Account set up?

User Accounts

A User Account composes of the following

  • User Email: This is the email the user uses to log into MaestroQA

  • Role: What role the user has

  • Agent: Primarily used with the Agent role, and this is used to provide Agent's with access to their own tickets

  • Access to Groups: Used with non-agent roles to determine what agents the non-agent user should have access to

How do I remove a user's access to MaestroQA?

  1. On the User Accounts page, look up the email for the user in question

  2. In the Delete column, click on the trash can icon

  3. Confirm you want to delete the account to remove the user's ability to sign into MaestroQA

Note: QA Scores are not tied to user accounts. This means deleting a user account does not delete any QA scores associated with the user account.

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