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How to create an Agent Group

Creating an Agent Group

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How to create an Agent Group?

Step 1) Locating the Agent Group page

Click on the Settings, and then from the dropdown menu, click on User Roles.

Locating User Roles page

Then on the User Roles page, click on the Agent Groups tab.

Agent Group tab

Step 2) Creating an Agent Group

Create an Agent Group

To create an agent group, click on "Create New Group". Immediately below you, a blank agent group will load.

On the left-hand side, you will see the options to select agents that you want to be in this agent group. To make things easier, customers can also choose to upload a CSV file containing agentIDs to create the agent group.

Note: Only AVAILABLE agents will appear in this list

available agents

After making all the proper additions, click on Save Group.

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