What is an Agent Profile?
Understanding Agent Profiles in MaestroQA
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What is an Agent Profile?

An Agent Profile contains agent details, and users manage Agent Profiles to determine:

  1. Billing

  2. What tickets will be visible

  3. Contact information for agents

Understanding the what parts make up an Agent Profile

Agent Profile
  • Agent Name: This is the display name of the agent in Maestro

  • AgentID: An agentID either synced from your helpdesk (eg. Zendesk) to Maestro or is automatically created by Maestro. There can be multiple agentIDs associated with one agent profile.

  • Helpdesk: A helpdesk such as Salesforce or Zendesk. These will be ordered in the same order of the agent IDs.

  • Email: What email should the agent's QA feedback be sent to. This is typically synced from your helpdesk.

  • Available in Maestro: Determines whether tickets for this agent will be visible as well as determine your billing.

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