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What is an Agent Profile?

Understanding Agent Profiles in MaestroQA

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What is an Agent Profile?

An Agent Profile contains agent details, and users manage Agent Profiles to determine:

  1. Billing

  2. What tickets will be visible

  3. Contact information for agents

Understanding the what parts make up an Agent Profile

Agent Profile
  • Agent Name: This is the display name of the agent in Maestro. You can edit this manually within MaestroQA by clicking on the Agent Name text field, updating the text then clicking anywhere on the page in a blank space to save the changes.

  • AgentID: An agentID either synced from your helpdesk (eg. Zendesk) to Maestro or is automatically created by Maestro. There can be multiple agentIDs associated with one agent profile.

  • Helpdesk: A helpdesk such as Salesforce or Zendesk. These will be ordered in the same order of the agent IDs.

  • Email: What email should the agent's QA feedback be sent to. This is typically synced from your helpdesk.

  • Available in Maestro: Determines whether tickets for this agent will be visible as well as determine your billing.

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