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Limited Admin User Role

Allowing Limited Admins to help manage users in MaestroQA

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What is a Limited Admin?

Limited Admin is a User Role that grants a user higher MaestroQA access in comparison to Agent, Grader, or Manager roles in MaestroQA.

Where can I configure users to have the Limited Admin role?

To invite users as a Limited Admin, this can be done on the User Accounts page by selecting Limited Admin when inviting a new user.

limited admin

To configure existing users as Limited Admins, select the dropdown button underneath the Role column on the User Accounts tab.

configure users

What determines who Limited Admins can manage?

Limited Admins can only access users that are part of a User Group or an Agent Group they have access to.

User Groups determine what non-agent users a Limited Admin can manage underneath the User Accounts tab.

Agent Groups determines both ticket and Agent user accounts a Limited Admin can access.

What does a Limited Admin have access to?

Limited Admins have higher level access to MaestroQA than all other non-admin users, and the key features a Limited Admin has access to are:

Access to "All Grader Assignments" on the Home Page

On the Home Page, Limited Admins can track and manage grading progress for User Accounts they have access to.

To learn more about the "All Grader Assignments" view, check out this article!

Ability to Invite and Manager Users Accounts

Limited Admins have access to the User Roles > User Accounts tab, and through this page, a Limited Admin can:

  1. Invite new users to MaestroQA

  2. Manage what Agent Groups non-agent users have access to

  3. Delete User Accounts/Remove login access

Limited Admins will only be able to see user accounts they have access to. User Account access is determined by:

  • User Groups for non-agent User Accounts

  • Agent Groups for agent User Accounts

Manage and Create Agent Groups or User Groups

Limited Admins are able to create new Agent Groups or User Groups out of existing groups they have access to. All groups created by a Limited Admin will be accessible to regular Admins.

What can Limited Admins not do?


The Integrations page is not accessible to Limited Admins. Any issues that pop up with helpdesk integrations must be managed through a regular Admin.

Add or Manage Ticket/User Attributes

The Ticket/User Attributes page is limited to Limited Admins. If there are missing attributes that they wish to add to MaestroQA, they will need to chat with a regular Admin.

Adjust Role Permissions

Within the User Roles page, the Role Permissions tab is disabled for Limited Admins. If there are issues with users being unable to grade tickets or view scores, it is best for a Limited Admin to check with a regular Admin first.

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