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Coaching Page: Overview Section

See QA Feedback Displayed as a Dashboard at the Agent Level

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Set a standard for coaching in your support organization with MaestroQA's new Agent Performance functionality. With the Performance Overview section, dive deeper into QA insights to identify an agent's QA trends.

As a reminder, the Coaching page also serves as the Home Page for Agents, so this provides an agent with a visual of their QA progress in real-time.

Coaching Page: Performance Overview

coaching performance overview

The first section on the Coaching page is the Performance section. There are 4 charts in this section:

QA Overview

The QA Overview is a great way to get a snapshot view of an Agent's QA stats within a specified time frame.

Click into the top-right header of each report to adjust the reports as you see fit.

qa overview

There are various ways to view an Agent's QA scores to uncover strengths and opportunities.

  1. Compare an Agent’s QA score across different Rubrics

  2. Compare an Agent’s QA score by Rubric sections/criteria

  3. Compare an individual Agent’s performance to different Agent Groups

*Note - Admins can control which Agent Groups an Agent can compare their QA scores with by going to Settings > User Roles > Role Permissions. Based on the option selected, an Agent can compare themselves to:

  • No Agent Groups

  • Agent Groups the Agent has been added to

  • The All Agents group

  • All Agents Group and every Agent Group the Agent has been Added to

role permissions

Whether this is selected or not, the coach will be able to see the Agent's data as well as the data for any Agent Groups he/she/they have access to.

QA Trends

This chart offers the same filter flexibility as QA Overview. But instead of a time snapshot, the QA Trends line graph shows the QA progress of an Agent over a period of time.

qa trends
  1. View trends in an individual agent’s QA scores across Rubrics

  2. View trends in an individual agent’s QA scores across Rubric sections/criteria

  3. Comparing trends between an individual agent and Agent Groups

QA Score

The QA Score is the average QA score of active rubrics a user has access to. For Limited Agents, this average QA score is based on the number of graded tickets shared with them.

qa score

The default view shows the average for all graded tickets, but a user can also click the arrow at the top right of the widget to filter down to a specific Rubric or Rubric Section for any time period selected.

CSAT Score

The CSAT Score shows an average CSAT score of all tickets an agent is associated with. If you notice a slight discrepancy between an agent's CSAT score here compared to what you may see outside of MaestroQA, it's important to understand how this CSAT score is calculated.

  • Association for CSAT scores to an agent is determined by CSAT Association which is configured in Settings > Other Settings > CSAT Association. An admin can configure this setting and can choose from these three association options:

    • Agent assigned [to the ticket] when the CSAT response was received

    • Last agent assigned to the ticket

    • First agent to comment on the ticket

csat association
  • Any CSAT Score associated with the agent is applied to the agent's overall CSAT score, regardless of the ticket being graded or not

  • The time axis is determined by the date of the CSAT response. If a different time axis is preferred, please reach out to your CSM to have this request reviewed by our product team.

csat score

The CSAT Score shows an average CSAT score for all CSAT responses associated with the agent. The default time range is the past 60 days.

*Note: Even with these parameters in place, we are actively working on getting CSAT scores in Maestro to match the score in your CSAT tool. If your CSAT scores do not match as expected, please reach out to support or your CSM.*

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