Team Leads play an integral role in a support organization. They typically wear multiple hats and are tasked with anything from coaching Agents to resolving escalated tickets to even grading Agents, among other competing priorities. Our goal is to simplify a Team Lead's day-to-day routine by enabling them with the tools they need to perform multiple tasks in one place, at a high level.

With the new Coaching Session format, coaches now have a centralized platform to drive Agent Performance in a way that is structured and visible to all key stakeholders. Team Leads can discuss various topics/metrics with an Agent (in addition to QA) without jumping from tool to tool. In this article, we'll introduce all of the new enhancements available to a coach when creating a Coaching Session.

How do I create a Coaching Session in MaestroQA?

1. There are now two ways to create a new Coaching Session in the new Coaching experience.

  • Option 1: Use the "New Session" button located on the right side of the new sticky top-navigation bar. This navigation bar can also be used to jump to different sections of the Coaching page.

Coaching tab
  • Option 2: On the Coaching page, locate the Coaching Section and click on "New Session".

Coaching sessions - Coaching tab view

Note that you can reorder created Coaching Sessions

  • Created Date: Sort by the most recently created Coaching Session

  • Session Date: Sort by the date the Coaching Session takes place (this can be adjusted by the coach in the Coaching Session)

    • If Session Date is selected, coaching sessions WITHOUT a session date will not appear.

  • Date Range: Displays the Coaching Sessions for the time range specified, either by their creation date or session date

2. A pop-up will appear where you are required to give the Coaching Session a name. After providing the Coaching Session a name, click on "Create Session".

Create a Coaching Session

3. This session will now populate on the Coaching Sessions table, and you can click on the Coaching Session to fill out further details.

Coaching Sessions on Coaching tab

Navigating the Coaching Session

Updated Section: Set Up Session

In the first section, you'll see 3 fields:

  • Session Name (required): The name of the session you specified in the previous prompt. You can edit the name at any time.

  • Session format: Mark how the feedback was given to the agent

    coaching session format

  • Session date: The coach can select the date he/she/they cover the material with the Agent

    • The date may be modified until the session is marked as completed

Updated Section: Session Overview

Write general notes and topics you want to cover during the Coaching Session. Users can utilize the rich text editor to help organize and design their Coaching Forms as desired.

coaching session overview

Create agendas. Embolden and italicize text to emphasize particular topics. Add context to the discussion with graphs, tables, images, and hyperlinks for further review.

coaching session overview

New Section: Coaching Points

Go beyond QA insights with the new Coaching Points feature. Team Leads can now coach to multiple KPI's and any other topics in-depth with specific feedback to use during your Coaching Sessions.

Click "Add Coaching Point" to create a new topic to hone in on for discussion, whether it be a specific KPI or a more general topic.

KPI versus General Coaching Points

We've divided KPI's to fit under four different categories: Productivity, CSAT, QA, or Misc (shortened for Miscellaneous). Admins can control which KPI's appear in the dropdown by configuring the list in Settings > Other Settings > Coaching Settings. Go to This Article to learn more about how to further customize your KPI's.

coaching points

Once a KPI is selected, enter the value of the metric, call out if the Coaching Point is a Strength or Opportunity for the Agent, and leave any additional notes you'd like to include.

coaching point KPI

For General Coaching Points, coaches can tie a Ticket ID as a reference, name the subject line, label the Coaching Point as a Strength or Opportunity, and leave any important notes.

General coaching point

All saved Coaching Points will appear in the Coaching Session for the coach and Agent to see.

coaching points in a coaching session

Click into a Coaching Point to add more detail. If a coach has any specific examples or visuals to share, he/she/they can add it to the specific Coaching Point for a deeper dive. The Agent has access to this information when logging into Maestro, and admins can see the effort coaches are putting in to prep for their Agents' 1-on-1 sessions.

clicking into a coaching point

If a ticket or Rubric criteria is added as a Coaching Point from the Feedback section of the Coaching page, the user will see the details of the Coaching Point side-by-side with the actual Ticket as a reference point. Attaching a ticket to a General KPI will also yield the same side-by-side view. Below shows how a ticket with a CSAT response could be viewed as a Coaching Point for further review.

CSAT coaching point

To delete a Coaching Point, click the top right corner of the tile.

delete coaching point

Interested in having your Graders add criteria as Coaching Points to Coaching Sessions as they're grading tickets? Click here to learn more.

Updated Section: To Do's (Action Items)

Create follow-up action items for an Agent to accomplish after a Coaching Session is complete. Click here to learn more about To Do's in more detail.

To Do Section Action Items

With the new To Do Section, coaches can:

  • Create action items directly from the Coaching tab

    • These action items can be added to existing Coaching Sessions or be separate from any Coaching Session

  • Add action items to multiple Coaching sessions

  • Add more context to action items

    • Clickable links

    • Detailed descriptions

  • Create LMS (Lessonly and/or Guru) assignments directly from the Coaching tab

Create To Do or Action Item

Coaches aren't the only users who can now create To Do's. Agents can now take more ownership in their professional growth by creating and tracking their To Do's as well. Agents can:

  • Create action items directly from the Coaching tab

  • Mark action items they created as complete/incomplete

  • Delete action items they created

Coaches can also mark action items an Agent creates as complete or delete them if necessary.

Mark action item as complete

Finalize Session

Here, the coach can leave some summary notes and distribute the Coaching Session to all necessary parties.

finalize session
  • Coach notes: A notes area where Coaches and Agents can leave behind additional feedback or comments.

    • The Agent's note box will not appear until the session has been shared with the Agent.

  • Set the Coach: Re-assign the Coaching Session to a different coach. Some teams have Graders prepare the Coaching Session, and then re-assign the session to the Team Lead. Sometimes life happens, and coaches need a substitute coach to tap in. This allows users the flexibility to change coaches so admins can keep track of who is actually running the Coaching Sessions at any given time, and monitor it in Coaching Reporting.

    assign coach the coaching session

  • Share session with agent: If this option is toggled on, the Agent will be emailed a notification about the new Coaching Session once it is saved.

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