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Maestro Coaching Update: April Roundup
Maestro Coaching Update: April Roundup

Some exciting Coaching updates we’ve been working on

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Product Updates

Reporting on To-Do's

We built out To-Do's reporting to allow Coaches and Admins to get a holistic sense of Agent engagement with their To-Do's

  • Sort by incomplete and complete To-Do's, and filter down by Agent Group and type

Changes to the Top Navigation

As we add more features into Maestro, we updated the Top Navigation to sort our tabs into 'Coaching', 'Tickets', and 'Reporting'

  • We're also rolling out a pilot group of Commandbar users for an easier way to search and navigate through Maestro – contact your CSM to learn more!

Tickets on the Team Dashboard

We’re making it easier to access your team's tickets by linking you there directly from the Team Dashboard

  • Click on 'Go to Tickets tab' to access the Tickets tab filtered down to show only your team's tickets

Agents Contributing to Coaching Sessions

We added a Rich Text Editor for agent notes within Coaching Sessions so that both agents and coaches have space to bring in tickets

  • This Rich Text Editor is editable only by the Agent

Grading Threshold Colors and Rubric Scores

We brought grading threshold colors and rubric scores into the Feedback Table to improve the user experience in coaching and be consistent with other parts of Maestro

  • See QA feedback based on the rubric scale it was graded on

Coming Soon…

Our timelines are subject to change, but hoping to get these into your hands in the near future:

Rich Text Improvements

You may have noticed some Rich Text improvements go out, stay tuned for an official announcement and some more updates coming soon!

Internal Session Notes

We’re working on a way for Coaches to leave internal notes in a session that aren't visible to the agent

Bulk Create To-Do's

We're building a way for users to assign To-Do's to multiple agents at once

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