Where can I setup Rubric Access?

Below are the steps to configure the access:

  1. Go to the Settings > Rubrics
  2. Select "Configure" in the "Access" column of the rubric list.

This will launch the "Rubric Access Control" pop up that allows for the configuration.

Managing what rubrics graders or managers or agents can see

From here, two sections pop up: Grader Permissions and Agent Permissions.

Understanding Grader Permissions

Grader Permissions controls rubric access for MaestroQA users with the role:

  • Admin
  • Manager
  • Grader

View Access for these users means that the user is able to view QA Scores created by the rubric. Users without View Access to a rubric will not see QA Scores from the rubric contribute towards Agent QA Averages.

If you want users to use the rubric to grade tickets, then you will need to grant the user Edit Access.

Understanding Agent Permissions

Agents typically only have view access to rubric. By removing an agents view access to a rubric, this will prevent the agent from viewing QA Scores created by this rubric.

Configuring View Access here will NOT restrict what QA Scores are shared when sharing QA Feedback in PDF format with an agent.

How do I remove a rubric from being used for grading?

We strongly recommend to NOT delete rubrics. Once a rubric is deleted, it is not possible to restore grades associated with the rubric.

Deleting rubrics

Instead, we recommend to set a rubric to inactive, which can be done by clicking on the button underneath the Active column.

Deleting rubrics

Doing this will:

  • Prevent graders from using the inactive rubric to grade future tickets
  • Remove the rubric from being considered in average QA scores (though if manually selected it can still factor)
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