Push QA data to your Data Warehouse

Use this to build reports with Looker, Tableau, Domo, and other BI tools.

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Integrating your data warehouse lets you use BI tools to create your own reports and get even more value out of your QA program.

To integrate your data warehouse:

  1. Invite or share an account with the relevant data warehouse administrator so that they can access MaestroQA, they will need an admin account.

  2. Click the menu in the top right of your dashboard (three horizontal lines)

  3. Click Integrations

  4. Click Data Warehouse

  5. Fill out the steps outlined for your flavor of Data Warehouse (Redshift, Postgres, Snowflake, or Big Query)

Please pass these instructions on to the Administrator, if you need to share some insight into the process in advance.

Step 1: Build a new role and a new schema in your database and isolate the user to only having access to that schema (sample SQL available in detailed instructions in the dashboard). This ensures MaestroQA only has access to the data it is meant to be populating and doesn't impact the rest of your database.

Step 2: Input the variables necessary for connection into the MaestroQA dashboard on the settings page above (host, user name, schema name etc).

Optional Step 3 (if necessary): Setup IP whitelisting

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