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Print & Share Blank/Graded Rubrics
Print & Share Blank/Graded Rubrics

Create a PDF file of your rubric for saving and printing.

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Here's how you can export and print your rubric. If you are looking to print a blank rubric, these same steps apply as well. 

  1. Start grading a ticket. Do this by going to the Tickets tab > select a ticket > select Add Score.

grading a ticket

2. Select which rubric you would like to print and then select "Start Grading"

add scores

3. The resulting grader screen has a three little dots that can be selected. The dropdown has a "Print Score" button.

scorecard grader

This will download a PDF file of the rubric in its current state on the left of the screen.

Therefore, if the rubric has not yet been graded, the resulting file will be an ungraded rubric. If you have gone through and graded the ticket, the rubric will represent the grades of this particular ticket.

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