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Import Agent Groups from Zendesk into MaestroQA
Import Agent Groups from Zendesk into MaestroQA

For Zendesk users, you can easily import your Agent Groups from Zendesk to MaestroQA.

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Note: At the moment, this is only available for Zendesk users. 

Step 1: Navigate to settings by clicking on the gear on the top right, and click on "User Roles". 

import agent groups from zendesk

Step 2: Click on "Agent Groups" in the tab bar, and then click on "Import Groups from Zendesk"

agent groups import

Step 3: If you have integrated with Zendesk, your already existing Agent Groups will be visible for you to select. 

Please keep in mind, it may take up to 1 hour for the agent groups to transfer over to MaestroQA. 

import zendesk groups to maestroqa agent groups

Step 4: Groups you have imported will be labeled "Imported from Zendesk", and any changes made to the group in Zendesk will now automatically update on MaestroQA to that group. Any changes made to the group via Zendesk may take up to an hour to update.


Things to keep in mind: 

You cannot edit imported groups on MaestroQA. To edit this groups while in MaestroQA, you must duplicate the group. This duplicated group will not be affected by changes made to the group via Zendesk. 

Another thing to note, you will still need to manually activate agents after you have imported the agent group. You can see activated agents right above the agent names. 

support agent groups

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