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Troubleshooting for Grader Role

Quick guide to common problems for Graders

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Graders tend to be the power users of Maestro. Your role focuses on scoring agents and providing feedback to help provide great custom service to your customer base. 

Through Maestro grading is easy, and this article will help to talk through any potential hiccups you may see during your journey in Maestro. 

Ticket & Agent Access

In order for Graders to have access to tickets, Graders must be associated with the proper Agent Groups. Agent Groups are bundles of agents that are typically grouped together by groups you directly manage. 

If you see that you are missing tickets, check with your Admin that your Agent Group has the correct agents. The most common issue that arises from missing tickets would be for newer agents. When a new agent is added to Maestro, they will need to be added to your agent group if you are not shared with the group "All Agents". 

Grading Tickets

Graders will often get their grading assignments via ticket reviews that are created by your Admin. All of your assigned ticket reviews can be found in the Ticket Reviews tab. 

Ticket Reviews
Replacing tickets within Ticket Reviews is easy as selecting the ticket and then clicking on Replace Ticket. However, please keep in mind that you can only replace tickets on Ticket Reviews created by Automations. For manually created Ticket Reviews, the Replace Ticket option is unavailable. 

In addition, if you find yourself constantly replacing tickets within Ticket Reviews, reach out to your MaestroQA Admin to discuss whether the automations are configured properly.

Rubric Access
If you find yourself having trouble viewing rubrics, you will need to ask your Admin to review whether the rubrics are shared properly. Like agents, rubric access can be restricted.

There may be times when your Admin wants to hold a calibration session. A calibration session involves a group of individuals grading the same ticket to ensure that everyone is grading with the same mindset. If you face issues with being able to see the calibration, please ask your Admin to check User Roles > Role Permissions. 

You can read up more on Calibration by clicking the button below.

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