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How to add User Custom Attributes

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User Custom Attributes, otherwise known as User Attributes, can be found on the Integrations page. User Custom Attributes define how and what metadata for users is displayed on tickets. 

Examples of User Custom Attributes would be: Agent's [Name] and Agent's [Email]. 

This article will teach you how to add User Custom Attributes as well as walk through the User Custom Attributes box. The functionality to add User Custom Attributes is limited to Admins. 

How Do I Add User Custom Attributes?

To begin, navigate to settings, and then click on Integrations. Underneath [Integration Settings], you will see the option to select a specific helpdesk (ex. Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom) and specify what setting you are looking to add. For this case, we will be selecting [User Custom Attribute]. 

zendesk user custom attributes

After selecting [User Custom Attribute], this will create a form where you can fill out the proper information for the attribute you wish to add to MaestroQA.

user custom attribute

These options are slightly different depending on the integration, and this example would be for users integrated with Zendesk. 

The first selector [Select Field] is where you actually select a User Field.

select field

Note: For Zendesk you can now select individual custom user attributes [i.e. any option starting with user_fields/...]

The second selector [Select Parent Field] will prompt you to select whether or not you would like to view the attribute on MaestroQA. You will be prompted to select:

  • [True]: end user can search via this User Custom Attribute


  • [False]: end user cannot search via this User Custom Attribute 

select parent field

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