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Track your performance, tickets, and performance trends

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For Agents, the home page will be your go to to get a quick snapshot of your current performance. While you can adjust the time frame for every section aside from "Recent Reviews", changing one time frame for one section will not dynamically change all the sections. 

agent home

Here you can quickly view: 

  • Your QA Overview and Performance Trends 

    QA Overview: You can view collective QA Scores split up per rubric. You can also adjust the time frame. 

     QA Trends: You can view how you have been performing over time.

  • Recently Graded Ticket Reviews

Under "Recent Reviews", you can now find ticket reviews that your team lead has shared with you.

  • Your Average QA & CSAT Scores

Here you can find your total average QA and CSAT scores across all your tickets. You can narrow down the view here for specific time frame.

  • Catch up on QA Feedback from Graded Ticket Reviews

Within the home tab, each section can be adjusted to reflect a different time frame. This also means that by adjusting the time for one section will not reflect across all other sections. 

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