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Guide for Agents and the Tickets tab

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The Tickets tab is where you can find all your graded and ungraded tickets. As an agent, you will only have access to tickets you are associated with. 

If you face any issues with viewing tickets, please refer to the troubleshooting guide available below!



Section A: Filter for specific time frames as well as select specific parameters for what tickets should show.

last graded

Here you can filter by:

  • Created  - shows day the ticket was created

  • Last updated  - shows last time the ticket was interacted with 

  • Last graded  - shows last time a grader has interacted with the ticket

  • Last calibrated  - shows last time ticket was calibrated 

  • Reported As  - Shows when the ticket was actually graded

Section B: Here you can be even more specific with what tickets you want to see by either using pre-saved searches available by clicking on Section C or utilizing search filters such as:

  1. Ticket ID: if you are looking for specific tickets

  2. Graded by: for following-up with specific graders

  3. QA Rubric: great for seeing feedback per rubric if using multiple rubrics

Section C: Clicking on the folder will open up a set of saved filters that have been saved. This is an easy way for you filter immediately to a specific set of tickets. 

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