Manager/Grader: Logging in & Getting Setup

Quick walkthrough of logging in and ensuring your account is setup properly

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Getting Started With MaestroQA

For users with either a grader or manager role, the only method for you to join MaestroQA will be via an invite from your admin. This will be an email from

For users who are using SAML to login, please consult your admin for instructions on how to continue with this process. 

Setting Up Your Account

Once you have logged into MaestroQA, there are a few things to double check to ensure your account is setup properly:

  1. Check that you can view the proper tickets for agents you are in charge of

  2. Click into a ticket, and see if you have access to view and/or edit rubrics

  3. If assignments were sent out alongside your first login, check in the Ticket Reviews tab to see if you received your assignments

If you find issues with any of the above, please check with your admin to help set these up for you. More on troubleshooting can also be found for Graders/Managers below!

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