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Walkthrough of the Lessonly integration

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Setting up the Integration

To execute the following steps, you will need to be a MaestroQA Admin as well as a Lessonly Admin.

First, find your API Key and Subdomain by:

  1. Navigating to Lessonly

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Click on API & Webhook

    (NOT Integrations)

Next, open up MaestroQA on a separate tab/page.

Navigate to MaestroQA's Integrations page by clicking on Settings > Integrations in MaestroQA.

integrations tab

Click on the Lessonly tile within the MaestroQA Integrations page, and follow the steps there using the Subdomain and Api Key gathered in step 3 to set up the integration.

The integration should sync together right as you complete the integration steps or integrate within the hour. Check out the article below to learn more about integrations in general as well!

Using Lessonly

You can assign lessons by clicking to a graded/ungraded ticket, scroll down, and then you will see a box named: "Assign Lessonly Lesson".

Note: Keep in mind, only agents who have a Lessonly account can be assigned lessons. 

Assign Lessons

To assign lessons, Maestro users must have either the Manager, Grader, or Admin role. 

After integrating properly and when the lessons have populated, you can now freely choose what you would like to assign to the agent on the ticket. You can also choose the "Due Date", and even specify the due date top a specific time that the lesson should be completed by. 

assign a lessonly lesson

Tracking Lessons

After assigning a lesson to an agent, if successful, you will immediately see it pop up right below. Keep in mind, lessons are assigned per ticket. 

assigned lessonly lessons maestroqa

The hyperlink, "View all for [agent name]", will bring you directly to Lessonly. From here you can also remove lessons as well as track the lessons assigned.

You can also see Lessons assigned to agents from the "To-Do" list on the Coaching Page for Managers/Graders/Admins and the Home page for agents.

to do's
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