Manager/Grader: Finding Tickets

This article will walk through how to find tickets within MaestroQA

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The best place to find specific sets of tickets would be via the Tickets page, and while daunting at first, this article will help walk through how to effectively find tickets using the search filters. 

tickets page


Defining "Type" of Tickets To Find

type of tickets

One of the key things to note will be what type of tickets you are looking for when you define the time frame. From the drop down you will have the option to restrict the view to:

  • "Created" - Filters for tickets created within your specified time range

  • "Last Updated" - Shows tickets that were updated recently in your Helpdesk. An update can be classified as any type of interaction that has been made with the ticket. 

  • "Last Graded" - Filters to tickets last graded within the time frame

  • "Last Calibrated" - After a calibration session, you can filter for just tickets that were calibrated on. If you are interested in learning more about calibrations, feel free to click on the button below! 

  • "Reported As" - Graders and managers have the ability to change what time range a ticket should be graded for. This is typically done when a grader or manager notices a ticket is graded for the wrong time cycle, and they can add adjust what reporting cycle it is added to. This is different from the "Last Graded" date, which will always remain the date that you last graded the ticket.

    Example: You grade a ticket on 7/31, and change the date the ticket was graded to 7/24. The "Last Graded" date will remain as 7/31, and the "Reported As" date will be noted as 7/24. 


Filtering and Creating Saved Searches

After spending some time creating the ideal filter results, you will see that you have the option to save the search. This is known as a "Saved Search", and these are all stored in the folder right next to the Search button. 

saved searches

We don't want all the hard work you have done to go to waste though, always be sure to save the filter to not lose it! 

From here you can name the search to make it easier to find in the future, and you can also determine what users have the ability to access your saved search. 

saved search

Note: Only the original creator can modify the saved search. Users who modify the saved search need to create a new saved search. 

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