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Ensure your integrations are working properly

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What is an Integration?

Integrations help users sync tickets, agents, and other helpdesk/CRM related fields into MaestroQA. Ensuring your integration is up and running is crucial to having a smooth experience in MaestroQA.

This article will walkthrough how to be alerted in case your integration breaks. 

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Why would my integration break?

The most common reasons for an integration breaking would be:

  1. The user who configured this integration is no longer active

  2. The integration token has expired

  3. Your team has made updates to your IP whitelisting

  4. Your team has updated the permissions for this integration token 

  5. User Role in MaestroQA has changed 


How do I get alerted when an integration breaks?

The steps are easy! To get started: 

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Click on Other Settings

  3. Scroll down until you find [Integration Status Email Notifications] box

integration status email notifications

Here you can choose what users should be notified if there are issues with integrations in MaestroQA.


What information to expect to see

In the case that you do come across a broken integration, after receiving an email from us alerting you of an integration issue, you can see on the Integrations page what integration needs to be addressed. 

integration information

In addition, if you click into the broken integration you will see a field that identifies:

  1. The domain related to the broken integration

  2. When the integration was initially broken

  3. Common reasons for why an integration broke

  4. Steps to reintegrate 

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