Integrating with Aircall

How to integrate Aircall with MaestroQA

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Why integrate?

While it is possible to listen to calls and grade them without the use of an integration, the full grading experience in MaestroQA comes with integrating Aircall.

This provides graders with the ability to:

  • Annotate and link to specific moment of time in a call, and leave that link on the rubric

  • Speed up play time of calls

  • Improved filtering features for voice tickets

  • At an additional cost, transcribe voice tickets to text

These capabilities drive tangible business outcomes such as:

  • Benchmarking agent performance through omni-channel Quality Assurance

  • Improving agent productivity and performance through data-driven coaching and feedback

  • Understanding how the customer experience is impacted by support or something outside the agents’ control, and knowing how to fix those issues

aircall integration

Integrating Aircall

Integrating Aircall is simple, but here are a couple of conditions to keep in mind:

  1. The user integrating MaestroQA with Aircall must be an administrator user in MaestroQA AND Aircall.

  2. The user must remain an administrator user in MaestroQA AND Aircall from the point of integration moving forward.

With those conditions set, the administrator should do the following:

1. Click on Settings in the top right corner of MaestroQA

2. Click on Integrations


3. On this page, locate and click on the tile that says “Aircall”

aircall integration

4. On the Aircall integration page, click on “Integrate Aircall”

5. This will redirect you to Aircall where you will login with your Aircall credentials

6. Follow through with the process on Aircall to setup the integration

After you have successfully set up the integration, take a break to let the integration run its course. It can take roughly 2 hours to complete because MaestroQA pulls in all applicable call recordings from the last 30 days.

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