Installing the MaestroQA Screen Capture Extension
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About MaestroQA Screen Capture

MaestroQA Screen Capture helps your organization understand how you solve your customers’ problems. It captures recordings of your work on Zendesk/Salesforce, which helps improve your team’s processes, tools, and coaching sessions.

The product is configured to respect your privacy and meet your organization’s security and privacy requirements. For example, your screen recording automatically starts and stops when you are working on a ticket, to only record your work solving a customer’s problem.

This article will help teach you about:

  1. How to install Screen Capture Chrome Extension

  2. How to use the standalone Screen Capture Chrome Extension experience

If you are using the Screen Capture Companion App as well, be sure to check out this article here!

Installing the Chrome Extension

Check your email

When your administrator invites you to Screen Capture, you will receive an email with a link and instructions. The link will take you to the Chrome Web Store to install the instruction. If you did not receive this email, please reach out to your team lead or administrator.

Add the extension to Chrome

Install the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store:

maestroqa chrome extension

After being invited to install Screen Capture,

  1. Click the link in your email invite to go to the Chrome Web Store

  2. Click the “Add to Chrome” button

  3. Click “Add extension”, confirming the permissions the extension uses

Depending on your team's choice, you may also be required to set up the Screen Capture Companion App as well. If your team is using the Screen Capture Companion app, learn more about the Companion App here!

If your team is only using the Screen Capture Chrome Extension continue reading this article.

Using the Screen Capture Chrome Extension

Onboarding overview

After installing the extension, login to Zendesk/Salesforce (or refresh an open Zendesk/Salesforce tab). You’ll see an overview that walks you through the basics:

  • Sharing your screen in Chrome is what enables the extension to record

  • Recordings automatically begin and end when you’re working a ticket

  • You’ll need to share your screen while using Zendesk/Salesforce

Next, you’ll share your screen. When you return to Zendesk/Salesforce next time, you’ll jump right into sharing your screen.

screen capture maestroqa

Note: If you don't see the onboarding screen below after installing the extension and visiting Zendesk/Salesforce, please try logging out of Zendesk/Salesforce then logging back in and / or restarting Chrome.

Sharing your screen

Sharing your screen is what lets Screen Capture automatically start and stop recording when you’re working on a ticket. If you do not share your screen, your work will not be recorded.

Screen Capture may be configured in a way that requires you to share the entire screen of each monitor you are using. If you’re using multiple monitors, you also may be required to share all monitors that are detected.

After onboarding, and each time you visit Zendesk/Salesforce, you will be prompted to share your screen.

sharing your screen maestroqa

Tp share your screen:

First, click the gray box that says “Click here to share”. Chrome will show a new popup.

Second, in the Chrome pop-up, you will see 3 tabs appear:

  1. Tab

  2. Window

  3. Screen

Select the Screen Sharing option your QA Admin has configured for your team. A safe guess is that it is set to "Entire Screen", but if you have selected the incorrect option, you may be re-directed to the window or tab you selected.

To fix this, please navigate back to the original helpdesk tab/page and confirm what is the correct selection based off of the error message that appears.

As an example, if Screen Capture requires "Entire Screen" to be shared, you will see this error message:

  • You selected a wrong sharing type. You have to select screen.

Third, repeat the second step as necessary for any additional screens.

Finally, once you have shared each screen, you can click “Share” to finish.

After sharing your screen, you will see a Chrome popup that lets you know you are sharing your screen.

chrome popup

We recommend you click "Hide". Remember, sharing enables recordings to start and stop. If you hit "Stop sharing", you will need to share your screen again.

Your first recording

You're all set - when you click into an open ticket, Screen Capture will automatically start recording. The recording will end when you complete the ticket.

You'll notice a Maestro icon added to Zendesk/Salesforce. When it's blue, you're ready to record. When there's a red dot, the extension is recording. You can click on the icon to manage the extension.

ready to record

If you are using a Mac and get an error that your computer or system denied screen sharing permissions, you need to give Chrome permission to share screen:

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