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Standard Ticket Attributes

Understanding Standard Ticket Attributes in MaestroQA

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What are Ticket Attributes?

Ticket Attributes are characteristics or descriptions that are used to describe types of tickets. In MaestroQA, users often use Ticket Attributes to:

  • Build out charts in Reporting

  • Create search filters for automations

In MaestroQA, there are two types of Ticket Attributes:

  1. Standard Ticket Attributes: Default Attributes created by MaestroQA, these cannot be removed

  2. Custom Ticket Attributes: Attributes imported from your helpdesk

This article will discuss what each Standard Ticket Attribute represents.

List of Ticket Attributes:

  1. agents: Shows what agents are associated with the Ticket

  2. assigned: Whether the ticket was assigned to be graded via a Sharing Automation or manually assigned by a user

  3. autoFailedSection: Identifies tickets that were failed using the Auto-Fail sections in a rubric

  4. calibrated: Whether this ticket was calibrated in MaestroQA

  5. calibrater: Email of user who calibrated the ticket, only users who have calibrated once will pop up

  6. csat_comment: Checks to see if there is a CSAT comment left on the ticket

  7. csat_score: Shows what CSAT Score recorded by the helpdesk. if you use a custom CSAT survey, you will need to import this value as a custom attribute

  8. first_seen: When was the ticket created

  9. gradable_id: Unique identifier for a ticket, also known as ticketID or caseID

  10. graded: Checks to see if ticket was graded

  11. grader: Email of grader who graded the ticket, only graders who have graded once will pop up

  12. group: What group the ticket belongs to

  13. hasComments: Checks to see if a grader has left feedback on a graded ticket

  14. last_seen: When the ticket was last updated

  15. lastCalibratedAt: When the ticket was last calibrated

  16. lastGradedAt: When the ticket was last graded

  17. notes_list: If a note was left on the ticket

  18. number_of_agents: How many agents worked the ticket

  19. platform: What service (Phone, Chat, Email) was used to answer the ticket

  20. qa_score: The grade that was given on the ticket

  21. rubrics: What rubric was used to grade the ticket

  22. source: What helpdesk the ticket came from

  23. starred: Checks to see if the ticket was starred

  24. status: What status the ticket is in (Ex. Open or Closed)

  25. subject: Subject line for a ticket

  26. tags: Shows tags an agent has left on a ticket

  27. ticket_review_ids: The name of the assignment a ticket is part of

I've created a tag but it's not showing within MaestroQA?

For a newly created Tag to appear within MaestroQA, it needs to be used on ten or more tickets.

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