For a detailed technical overview of the PureCloud Client Credentials Grant, please refer to the PureCloud developer documentation:

PureCloud Prerequisites

  • OAuth > Client > Add permission

Create an OAuth Client

Follow along the steps outlined here, "Create an OAuth client", on the "Platform API" tab:

Link to the OAuth admin page:

(or Admin > Integrations > OAuth)

In step 4, enter an "App Name" name of your choice, such as "MaestroQA".

In step 7, set the "Grant type" to "Client Credentials".

When selecting "Roles", please ensure that the selections include "View" permissions for at least the following:

  • Analytics > Conversationaggregate

  • Analytics > Conversationdetail

  • Conversation (all available subtypes)

  • Directory > User

  • Recording > Recording

  • Routing > Skill

In step 9, please be sure to record the Client ID and the Client Secret (token).

Input credentials in MaestroQA

Navigate to

Enter the Client Id and the Client Secret.

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