What is a Rubric?
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A rubric, also known as a scorecard, is scoring guide that is used to evaluate agent performance. With a properly set up Rubric, customers can get a better sense of how their team is doing relative to company standard guidelines.

Rubrics serve as a core function in MaestroQA, and Rubrics are used to:

  1. Conduct AgentQA

  2. Evaluate graders through GraderQA

  3. Hold Team Calibration Sessions

  4. Create Complex Reports

Where can I manage my rubrics in MaestroQA?

By default, only MaestroQA Admins can create and edit Rubrics, but if users have the proper permissions, they can access rubrics by:

  1. Clicking on Settings

  2. Click on Rubrics

Scorecard rubric

On this page users can:

  • Create or edit Rubrics

  • Manage what rubrics users can use

  • Enable or disable old rubrics

Users who do not have access to this page should contact their MaestroQA Admin to help out with their Rubric questions.

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