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Rubric Question/Option Types
Rubric Question/Option Types

Learning the different type of questions that can be used in a rubric

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What are Options in MaestroQA?

An option is what a grader selects when grading an agent on a criteria, and this article will walk through each of these option types as well as discuss how they affect other parts of MaestroQA.

options in maestroqa

What types of Options can I choose?

There are two types of scoring options:

1. Multiple choice

multiple choice options

2. Linear Scale

linear scale grading

And two types of non-scoring options:

1. Dropdown options

Using a Dropdown option will populate a dropdown menu when the user clicks on the option. This Dropdown option will populate with different values a user can enter.

These options are optional to answer as they are non-scoring.

dropdown grading

2. Checkbox options

With checkbox options, users can list multiple options that a grader can select. These options have no affect on the QA score.

These options are optional to answer as they are non-scoring.

checkbox options

How do these Options types affect reporting?

A rubric that contains a combination of scoring and non-scoring options will be properly tracked in Reporting.

However, at the moment rubrics that only contain non-scoring option rubrics will not be tracked in Reporting. To circumvent this, we suggest users to include a scoring option in their non-scoring option only rubric that is default selected to "N/A" as this can help track these non-scoring option rubrics.

What is the "N/A" option?

For Scoring Options, users have the option to enable "N/A" as an answer.

The "N/A" option nullifies the maximum points from a criteria. This effectively decreases the maximum score of the rubric.

Why should I use "N/A"?

Not every question on a rubric may be relevant to the ticket being QAed. In those cases, users may use the "N/A" option to not deduct or give points to an agent for irrelevant criteria.

To learn more about "N/A", check out our articles in our "Understanding Rubric Math" section in the Help Center.

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