What is a Bonus Section?

A Bonus Section will allows users to create a scoring section that can reward agents for going beyond the standard guidelines to ensure a customer is happy.

Points rewarded in a Bonus Section can exceed the maximum points or percentage allowed for the rubric.

In comparison, a Standard Section can be assigned point values that constantly increase the maximum value of the rubric.

Example of a Total Point Rubric with a Bonus Section

As an example, let's take a look at this Total Point Rubric:


Maximum Points

Grammar and Tone


Product Knowledge


Problem Solving


Privacy and Security


Above and Beyond (Bonus Section)


The maximum score for this rubric (35) is calculated by adding the maximum points of non-bonus sections. The math is done as follows:

  • Maximum Score = Grammar and Tone + Product Knowledge + Problem Solving + Privacy and Security

Let's say an agent performs perfectly on the rubric, and goes far and beyond the standard guidelines. As a result, the grader rewards them the maximum bonus points (2).

So instead of just receiving a 35/35 (or 100%) QA Score, the agent now has a 37/35 (or roughly 105%) QA Score.

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