Who can edit Automations?

Understanding who has access and can edit automations

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What package has access to automations?

Users on the Team and Professional package have access to automations. If you are unsure what package you are on, you can check whether you have access to automations by:

  1. Clicking on Settings

  2. See if in the Dropdown Menu whether "Sharing Automations" pops up as an option

What MaestroQA users can access the Sharing Automations?

By default, only Admins have access to the Automations page. However, Admins can allow other roles to edit and run Automations by checking this option under User Roles > Role Permissions > and mark the checkbox "Allow Graders, Managers, and Limited Admins to create and run Automations"

Once this option is enabled, Graders and Managers should be able to run Automations and create new ones. They won't be able to edit existing Automations.

Limited Admins should be able to edit and run all Automations.

Common Questions:

  • If I make changes to an Automation while editing then save it, will the Automation trigger instantly? No, it will continue to follow the configured schedule when clicking "Save Automation". If you do want to immediately run it, you can trigger the next run manually by clicking on the 3 dots (top right) of the Automation tile and clicking "Send now" like so,

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