Who can edit automations?
Understanding who has access and can edit automations
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What package has access to automations?

Users on the Team and Professional package have access to automations. If you are unsure what package you are on, you can check whether you have access to automations by:

  1. Clicking on Settings

  2. See if in the Dropdown Menu whether "Sharing Automations" pops up as an option

What MaestroQA users can access the Sharing Automations?

MaestroQA users with the following User Roles will have access to the Sharing Automations page and be able to create new automations:

  • Admin

  • Grader

  • Manager

While all the above users can create new automations, only the MaestroQA Admin can edit automations created by other users. MaestroQA Graders and Managers are unable to edit automations that are created or owned by other users.

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