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Integrate your data from Khoros Care into MaestroQA

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Setting up a Khoros Integration will require admin access in both Khoros and MaestroQA.

The information presented here is referenced from the Khoros Care API Authentication guide:

The Khoros Care and Care Analytics API endpoints used by MaestroQA all use HTTP Basic Authentication.

Create a new Khoros Care API user account

Create a new Analytics Reports API user account that is only used for MaestroQA. If your company uses SSO to access Khoros, you will need to ensure this new user account is created without SSO.

This must be enabled by contacting Khoros Support. In your Support ticket include:

  • Name of the user account - Recommended to include maestroqa in the name

  • Request for "Analytics API Access"

Khoros Support can be reached here:

After Support has enabled access to this user account, you will see the Analytics API Company Key in Account Admin > General Settings > Analytics API Settings. If you do not see the key, contact your Khoros Care administrator. You might not have the appropriate permissions.

Enter the credentials

The following information is required and is case-sensitive:

  • My Care Instance Subdomain

    • e.g. for,
      enter your_care_instance

  • Username

  • Password

  • Analytics API Company Key

  • Data hosting location

    • must be either us OR emea

If you are unsure of your data hosting location, you can select either location and contact us to test the other location in the event the one you selected is incorrect.

Known Integration Limitations

Khoros cannot share all information with MaestroQA based on their own agreements with social media platforms. Below are known nuances:

  • Twitter - Only the link to Khoros is shown in MaestroQA, no conversation content

  • Instagram and Facebook - Pictures are not shown in MaestroQA

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